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Accutone Sonar 80
  • Sonar 80 is a unique wireless headset designed for professional use. It differs greatly from consumer bluetooth headphones in its focus on the needs of business applications. Following the traditions of headset with docking station, it prevents misplacing of the headset and allows quick power charge between extended calls. Yet, more importantly, Sonar 80 places even higher emphasis on it audio performance. Understand the need for powerful active noise-cancellation in busy work environments, Accutone decided to build a proprietary noise-cancelling algorithm on top of Qualcomm’s default CVC solution, resulting with unparallel signal-to-noise ratio. 


    Sonar 80 also offers Dual Mode. While the USB-C connector is designed for charging only, user can connect to a wide variety of audio devices using a 3.5mm connecting cable. Multi-point pairing allows users to quickly switched between previously paired bluetooth devices. Sonar 80 provides quick microphone mute via a button on the end of the mic-boom, simple yet functional. 


    On top of microphone performance, Sonar 80 places great focus on speaker output as well. It supports aptX-HD codec, paired with its powerful high-fidelity 40mm loudspeakers, offers superb audio output for both voice and multimedia usage. 

    Accutone Sonar 80

    SKU: S80
    • Unique ANC Microphone. Designed for the most practical business users, Sonar 80 combines comfort, reliability, convenience and style perfectly. Soft rubber-cushioned headband and high-grade leatherette earpads eases users on exteneded conversations. Stable and optimum wireless connection by Qualcomm also provides top-notch acoustics. From 24-bit audio quality of aptX HD codec to dual-mode connection supporting both bluetooth and wired USB audio, Sonar 80 is the most comprehensive headset of its class. 

      Between calls, the headset charges itself whenever it is placed in the base station, users have no need to worry about battery levels EVER. Dedicated microphone mute button on the top of the mic boom is just one the many ease-of-use features from this amazing product. On top of all this, Sonar 80 comes with a complete redesign Active Noise Cancellation for microphone, a proprietray algorithm that is every more powerful than the stand cVC NC from the bluetooth chipset.

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