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Accutone Nexus 200
  • A powerful yet portable speakerphone that support bluetooth wireless connect and USB wired connection with desktops, notebooks, tablet and smartphones. Nexus 200 is the most important gadgets for business travelers or any business users with small-group voice conference needs. 


    But don’t be fooled by it’s compact 74mm2 size, it packs a powerful 3 watts output that should be used with discretion inside an office environment. Of course, the microphone reception and echo cancellation are of commercial-grade and promises crystal clear voice communication for Facetime, Teams, Webex and Zoom. 

    Details make all the difference for this business product, as the tactile-feel of the volume control knob can easily impress professional users and consumers alike. Dedicated button for bluetooth pairing is also something minor that makes a huge difference. Instead of the troublesome traditional method to remove an existing device, connection Nexus 200 can easily end a current connection and restart another pairing but the press of a button. 


    Power efficiency is another  highlight of Nexus 200 with its 800mAh battery, its playtime is 6 hours at maximum volume settings, and at least 3 hours on two-way voice call also at maximum volume settings. It has a USB Type-C charging port.

    Accutone Nexus 200

    SKU: NEX200
    • 3W Powerful Output. Small speakerphones for business use are becoming very popular as they are useful for voice conference as well as multimedia consumption. However, most products in the market designed for this use are low-priced with poor quality. Nexus 200 is the exception, with extra care to details in functionality, performance and build.

      Dual-use, support bluetooth wireless or wired USB-C, Nexus 200 supports laptop, tablet and all computers. It is acoustically designed for communication app such as Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat and Facetime. 

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