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Bluetooth Earwear

Argo Series

Commercial-use mono bluetooth earpiece designed for voice communication.

Bluetooth Earwear
  • Designed for Making Hands-Free Calls

  • Mono Earpiece for Better Awareness

  • Dual Ear Conversion with USB Earbud

  • Ultra-Lightweight at 20g only

  • Multi-Pairing Supported by Qualcomm

ARGO 535 Both_edited.png
Bluetooth Earwear
  • Designed for Professional Usage

  • Premium-Grade Mono Earpiece 

  • Dual-Mic Active Noise Cancellation

  • 9 hours Continuous Usage

  • Multi-Pairing Supported by Qualcomm

Argo 70 New 2_edited.png
Bluetooth Earwear
  • Designed for Premium Requirements

  • Charging Case acts as Docking Craddle 

  • Qualcomm Dual-Mic cVc 8.0 ECNS

  • 17 hours Continuous Usage

  • Support aptX and Multi-Point Pairing

Argo 5.12.png

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