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About Accutone.

Equipped with the required technical know-how and development capability, Accutone aims to deliver excellent quality telephone headset solutions at cost-competitive prices. We will continually design and develop new and innovative handsfree solutions that matches the needs of customers from all walks of life. 


Background & History

Accutone Headsets (click to visit Accutone on Wikipedia) are the products of Accutone Technologies Limited, a company which designs and manufactures one of the most preferred brands of communication headsets. Backed by years of experience in electro-acoustic technologies since their early days of raw speaker manufacturing dating back to 1969, Accutone is able to provide high-end quality audio performance because we employ only the best components for our products.


Accutone is proficient in designing, manufacturing and marketing of telecommunication headsets for call centres and offices. Nowadays, more people realize the benefits of using communication headsets and are willing to maximize productivity by using these simple handsfree solutions. This is also why our motto "Clearer Communication Brings People Closer" motivates us to deliver the best quality headsets, with ergonomic design, amazing sound quality, convenience and comfort.

Why Choose Accutone Headsets?

The race between headset brands in providing the most sophisticated and complex  product has resulted in many so-called ‘acoustic technologies’ that neither the user nor the developer understands what they are for. However, this race has dramatically increased the development and end-product costs, which in turn are borne by businesses who buy these products.


At Accutone, we strike a balance between professional-level acoustic requirements and cost-conscious affordability. A communication headset, no matter what you call it, or whatever technologies it has, is still just a headset. There are three main reasons why millions of call centre agents have switched to Accutone, it is because our product solutions are Reliable, Simple and Affordable.


Who is Accutone?

Unlike other headset brands, Accutone is a direct developer, product designer and global marketer of communication headsets and related solutions. Derived from a long history of loudspeaker manufacturing, Accutone is an expert in electroacoustics as well as an experienced electronic product manufacturer. Headed by an award-winning in-house product-design team, Accutone's products are considered the best in the market when it comes to industrial-cosmetics as well as engineering-mechanics.


In terms of marketing and distribution, Accutone has offices and brand partners all around the globe. With a universal vision of product development and local  expertise in channel distribution, Accutone is quickly growing into a favourite brand name for contact centres everywhere.

What is the range of products?

Accutone Business solely focuses on producing communication headsets and related solutions for call centres and offices. Adapting to the ever-changing needs of businesses, our products have expanded from the standard RJ-connected headset for desk phones to a wide variety of connectivity and applications.


USB headsets of course, are nothing new, but solutions are different now. From proprietary VoIP applications to Unified Communication softwares from Microsoft, Avaya and Cisco, UC solutions are a focus for Accutone. Wireless DECT headsets that support both desk phones and computers, Bluetooth business products, tablet headsets, conference speaker-phone for USB and smartphones, are some of the other compatible products.

Headset & Work Safety

In today's business world, office workers generally spend a lot of time on a call. Depending on your job nature, our call times can range from half an hour to three to four hours on average. But this time may be longer for contact centre representatives Yet we are often required to multitask during our conversations and are forced to scrunch the handset between our ear and shoulder, so we can free our hands. We've grown so accustomed to this that we can spend hours in such a posture, leaving us with a sore neck, back pain, and headaches which can lead to serious injuries.


Researchers have coined the term Telephone Neck Syndrome (TNS) to describe these work-related injuries which are the results of the neck being forced to be in a bent position for a lengthy period of time, with the muscles continuously contracted. After a while, the hyper-contracted muscles become irritated, cutting off their own blood supply and may go into a spasm. Furthermore, within the spine, the vertebrae is being compressed along the lateral edge, causing squeezing of the discs, which may cause them to bulge and rupture.


Medical researches have now confirmed that TNS can be dramatically reduced with the use of a proper telephone headset. A study conducted at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA, found that office workers using telephone headsets can reduce neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension as much as 41%, compared to a control group using traditional handsets.

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Improved Productivity

Yet, in another study, researchers concluded that using a proper telephone headset can “…substantially improve productivity and overall call volume, while reducing phone-related employee downtime and physical discomfort.” The study showed that workers with headsets have an actual overall increase in productivity up to 43% compared to the control group. Telephone-related work-times were greatly reduced, repeat calls were made without interruption, time-intensive tasks like typing on a computer were done more efficiently, error-rates were reduced, and improved service was noticed. Most importantly, workers with a headset placed an average of 16 more calls per day compared to those using a traditional handset.


With such convincing evidence and apparent benefits, the question is not whether we should equip our staff with telephone headsets, but which telephone headset to buy. There are a number of different brand names in the market, and quality versus pricing can vary quite a bit. Accutone is a brand that is well-known for its ergonomic designs and acoustic excellence. Accutone offers a full range of telephone headsets designed for different applications, from strong and heavy duty binaural headset to ultra-lightweight, and elegantly designed headset to head-wear/ear-wear convertible headsets.



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