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Accutone Series

Each Product Series from Accutone represent a particular product range or class. This way it is much easier for end-user to understand their product's classification and features. As each person has different usage preferences, a clear and precise characterization of products can save businesses a lot of time.

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The premium lineup of headsets from Accutone, both wired and wireless. To Invinty and Beyond.


Nexus Series consists of speakerphones for use in office, conference rooms or on-the-go.


All about conversations, this lineup consists of wired headsets, digital/analog or computer/telephony.


Both Series are all about bluetooth earwear designed for mobility. From Uber drivers to sales executives, this is for you.


Using wireless radio technology, the Sonar Series consists of wireless headsets, DECT or Bluetooth.

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Whether it is the webcam focusing on its subject or you focusing on your virtual call, Focus Series has you covered.



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