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Accutone Walker 30
  • As wireless earbuds have completely replaced wired headphones to be used with smartphones and tablets, there are many different kinds of products in the market. Finding the right product is key, especially if it is used for business. The Walker Series from Accutone® is exactly that, the perfect wireless earbuds for commercial use. 


    One key important feature for a good business-use earbuds is noise-cancellation. Instead of only focusing on music enjoyment, Walker 30 emphasizes in voice applications. Via realtime AI algorithm, it uses dual-microphone for environmental noise cancellation (ENC). It also comes with speaker noise-cancellation as well, so the user can focus immersively in their conversations; however when require to be aware of the surroundings, Walker 30 also offer transparency mode, so the user can clearly hear their environments even while wearing the earbuds.


    For professionals and business executives that often engage in mobile callc or chat app voice communication, Walker 30 fully supports controls of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex on smart-devices. Other highlight features of Walker 30 includes wireless charging of the earbud case, USB Type-C fast charging, touch-sensitive controls, and IPX5 water-resistance, all using the latest bluetooth version 5.3.

    Accutone Walker 30

    SKU: W30
    • True Business Earbuds. Walker 30 places great emphasis on noise-management. Using two microphones for Active Noise-Cancellation via proprietary AI algorithm, user can be in the noisiest environment and still being heard clearly. Sound output from the speakers also have ANC, blocking out noises for the user, meanwhile offering the option to listen to the environment via transparency mode.


      Comes with Sonar UAC Dongle, Walker 30 is the perfect business earbuds with a convenient Microsoft Teams hook switch to answer and end calls quickly. IPX5 water resistant and 6 hours of continual usage per charge, Walker 30 is the perfect tool for executives inside and outside of the office.

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