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Accutone is an international direct-manufacturer of handsfree communication solutions. This includes headset for call centers and offices, high-fidelity audio headphones for consumers, wireles bluetooth headset for business travellers, USB conference units and voice amplifiers for telephone systems. 


On the surface, it may seems there is not a lot commonality between call center headset solutions and music headphones. Yet, the passion for and acoustic expertise required to building the best product for either businesses or consumers are exactly the same. With 40+ years of experience manufacturing loud-speakers, Accutone is one of the few brands which pride on designing, manufacturing and marketing all in-house.


Accutone Biz, is the BU for producing and marketing headsets for call centers. We are a rare breed in terms of building ODM headsets, aside from selling our own brand. This is where we are different from the others. We have great confidence in our acoustic and engineering capabilities in designing and building exceptional headsets, and although many of our partners are market leaders in their field, they are no expert in making headsets.


The most logical and mutually-benefitial solution is private-labelling our headset models for these global brands. By allowing both partners excel in what they do best, these types of partnership are the fundamental cornerstone of the Accutone Biz brand. 


Our business product range includes headsets for system telephones, Unified Communication headset for Microsoft Lync, DECT wireless telephone headset system, and USB speakerphone for small-group conferencing. Click here to learn more about our Biz line up.

Although sharing the same acoustic knowledge and experience, Accutone Audio, a subsidiary, is a completely different animal, with a vastly divergent objective.


Accutone Audio is about music, and our love of music has pushed us to build products that remove the barriers between the musicians and their audience. Continuing our corporate motto of "Clearer Communication Brings People Closer", our audio products are able to do just that by delivering exceptionally accurate audio output, just as our beloved artists envisioned.


Aiming directly at the end consumer, our understanding of what makes a great audio product is that much deeper because afterall, we ourselves are consumers. Sound is paramount in making a good headphone, but in order to make a great headphone, comfort, weight, style and overall "feel" are equally important. This understanding is what seperates Accutone Audio from most trendy brands in the market that focus solely on appearance and marketing. 


Innovative features like bass-tuning, audio nozzle kit, spin-cable design, magnetic detachable cable and audio-expert selection of unique components like Beryllium speakers and Comply memory foam fits are examples of Accutone Audio's efforts in building products that we, as consumers, would love to have. Click here to learn more about our Audio line up.

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