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Accutone Argo 535
  • Even with the popularization of True Wireless Earbus, the demand for Bluetooth Mono Earpiece is still there because of its unique form-factor. Lightweight, single-sided and extended microphone boom provide drivers and logistic workers the perfect communication tool during work.


    Lightweight is self-explanation, as users need to wear it all day, and it must fit firmly in one's ear. This is a key focus for Argo 535. Single-sided mono design allow users to be aware of the surroundings, which is extremely important in terms of safety and efficiency. Last but surely not least, the extended microphone boom design allows enhanced voice transmission in noisy environments, which oftens is where drivers and logistic workers find themselves in. 


    Comes with simple and convenient hard-switches and long battery life, Argo 535 is the perfect tool you are looking for.

    Accutone Argo 535

    SKU: 0026
    • Stay Connected, Anywhere. For those who are always on the road, the safest way to stay connected is with Argo 535, Accutone's lightweight (20g) bluetooth monarual headset with excellent sound management. Using Qualcomm bluetooth solutions, users can get up to six hours of continuous talk and ten days stand-by. 

      Argo 535 comes with a extra auxilary digital earbud, so users can connect to both ears via mini-USB connection.

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