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Accutone CH10 Communication Hub
  • Accutone® is proud to introduce the most innovative tool for executives and professionals who are constantly on calls across different devices. Introducing the CH10 Communication Hub, a digital exchange for connection your system deskphone, computer and wireless mobile devices to one single headset.


    Aside from being a connection hub for your wired headset, CH10 also act as a bluetooth headset base unit. By connecting with an M2 Bluetooth USB Audio Dongle, any bluetooth headset can be used with your deskphone, computer and mobile phone all at the same time!

    What's more, CH10 is actually a small computer in disguise, being able to recognize and transfer your digital command from your headset. If you have a UC headset, connecting it via CH10 will still be able to retain all your digital command functions, inlcuding hook-key for Skype or Microsoft Teams. Interactive commands of a bluletooth headset to your computer program will required addition installation of middleware, otherwise CH10 is completely driver-free and universally plug-and-play.

    Accutone CH10 Communication Hub

    SKU: 0024
    • CH10 is an amazing product designed to connect your entire desktop with one headset. No longer do you need a RJ headset for your deskphone, a USB headset for your computer AND a bluetooth headset for your smartphone. Simply connect CH10 to your computer and deskphone, with the additional M2 Dongle, you can use any bluetooth headset to interface with all three platform, instantly hassle-free.

      If you only wish to use your wired premium UC headset with your computer and deskphone, CH10 acts as a tiny computer that recognizes and support your headset via USB connection. Give it a try to see its true power.

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