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Accutone Converse 210
  • As home-office is becoming more and more popular, social-distancing give rise to a huge demand in communication headset for audio/video conferencing. Accutone® understands the need for an advanced-grade headset designed for experienced user no longer looking for the cheapest and simplest solution.

    Converse 210, maintains the brand-focus on superb audio performance from its speakers and noisecancelling microphone, with the stereo version placing a lot of emphasis on comfort during extensive usage. On top of using the same premium-grade leatherette ear cushion, beloved by users of our top-tier headset products, Converse 210 further included a same top-quality leatherette cushion for the headband. Together with its ultra-lightweight, users can wear the 210 headset all day without fatigue.

    Converse 210 has two models: the analog model comes with a single 3.5mm plug for smartphones, tablets and notebooks; while the digital model comes with a driver-free, plug-and-play USB solution with in-line digital volume control, mute and LED indications. 


    Excellent performance for multimedia applications and noise-cancelling microphone for voice-conference, together with comfortable leatherette cushions in a lightweight yet strong built design, the 210 is simply sensational!

    Accutone Converse 210

    SKU: C210
    • Converse 210 is all about versatility. It is THE headset for everyone! Designed to meet the communication needs of most people. From USB digital audio to 3.5mm analogue connection, 210 is great for occasional home usage but also perfect for extensive daily office voice calls.

      It is highly comfortable for 8 hour wearing in front of your computer, but also lightweight enough for connecting to your mobile phone for off-site communication.

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