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Accutone Converse 220
  • Work from home is becoming more and more popular, and social-distancing is something we live with in various degrees. This gives rise to a huge demand in communication headset for audio/video conferencing. Accutone® understands the need for an affordable solution which does not compromise reliability and acoustic performance.


    Converse 220, is an ultra-lightweight headset solution with a long list of features at a highly competitive price point, designed for the full adaptation of headset use for every employee in the office. Maintaining the Accutone’s on superb noise-management and audio output, 220 is designed for voice communication, reducing high-pitch and low-humming noises during virtual meetings and conferences. Comes with a pair of high-grade permeable ear-foam, users can wear our headset for prolonged period of time with unparalleled comfort. Time and time again, the 220 headset is ranked at the best headset in terms of price-quality ratio. 


    Converse 220 headset comes with 30mm driver units with passive noise-cancelling microphone. The 2.4m long USB cable includes a digital volume control with volume buttons and microphone mute as well as LED-indicator. 


    Contact us today to order Converse 220 samples for evaluations!

    Accutone Converse 220

    SKU: 0007
    • Converse 220 gets the job done with ease. Wearing the lightest headset from Accutone makes work that much more enjoyable. Comes in USB digital version and standard RJ or QD (Quick Disconnect) telephone connector version, 220 is the most popular choice for general office applications. 

      The combination of lightweight and highly permeably foam cushion, 220 is designed for extensive usage.

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