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Accutone Converse 6 Mark II
  • After more than a decade of domination as the unbreakable professional call center headset, the 610 Mark II by Accutone® has been renamed as Converse 6 Mark II. 


    Rebranded under the Converse Series name, 6 Mark II as the most mature product will focus on digital connection. A headset that is known for its audio quality, comfort and durability, the Converse 6 Mark II is well known for its modernized look, its stylish, sleek and sharp-looking design, and with Accutone’s unique hexagon structure design, it is just as strong and tough.


    Using the latest soft microphone boom design, Mark II is capable of dual-microphone option, which allows ProNC function in some models. The standard digital version has NC microphone that uses a “Single Chamber” design for super passive noise cancelling performance. 


    Still, the most famous features of the Converse 6 blood-line are its SuperStrength™ metallic headband, iconic and comfortable oval-shaped earpads, wideband 40mm loudspeakers, for analogu models its Quick-Disconnecting cable which supports all existing bottom cables.


    Mark II is the best combination of heritage and innovation, power and elegance, toughness and beauty.

    Accutone Converse 6 Mark II

    SKU: 0025
    • The most popular flagship headset by Accutone® - 610-MKII is now called Converse 6 Mark II. It is not only the toughest and strongest communication headset in the market, it nows comes with DeepOcean™ Active Noise Cancellation technology, which can reduce background noise's effect on the microphone for up to 10dB. Try it to believe it.

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