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Accutone Converse 6 Mark III
  • The new Converse Series is the re-branding of some of the most popular headsets from Accutone®. Grouped together under the series that focus on wired headsets for digital and analog usage, it includes existing models and a few newest additions. 


    Converse 6 Mark III, is the newest headset evolved from the widely popular 610 series. Together with Converse 6 Mark II, these two headset models will fulfill most needs for true commercial-grade office handsfree applications. Mark III, as opposed to the slimmer Mark II, is designed for heavy-usage and for work which demands the highest concentration. Further improving on comfort, Mark III uses top-grade protein leather and advanced memory-cushion designed for both headband and ear cushion. While maintaining the company’s unique hexagon-shaped structure, the headset body has been further enhanced to make the famous “Indestructible 610” even more unbreakable. 


    Many of the flagship features of Mark II are also shared with Mark III, from its Single-Chamber microphone design for superb noise-cancellation to its proprietary 40mm wideband loudspeakers supporting stereo or binaural audio output. Mark III is also designed to work perfectly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. Talk to our sales representative for samples.

    Accutone Converse 6 Mark III

    SKU: 0001
    • The Mark III is built upon the successful features of the Mark II. Understanding the needs of professional users to be comfortable and engaging during a full day of calls, Mark III is designed to fit users like a soft glove while empowering them with advanced acoustics and noise management. 

      Converse 6 Mark III comes in a wide varitey, including standard USB, DeepOcean™ Pro-NC, Microsoft Teams UC, and Analog RJ/Quick-Disconnect.

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