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Accutone Focus 1
  • Focus 1 is all it takes for any conference meetings. A single device with high-resolution video streaming AND premium output speakerphone, it deserves a new product category on its own. We call this a Video Conference Bar.


    In terms of video quality alone, Focus 1 is amazing. UltraHD Sony video sensor with 4K true 2160P resolution at maximum 30 frames per second, it can capture minute details within any conference room. Using ePTX Digital Pan-Tilt, the camera can face-track the speaker using Artificial Intelligence. Also, a quick touch-sensitive switch to turn this featue off when needed.


    As a speakerphone, Focus 1 is also unbeatable. Using 4 microphones to create noise-cancellation while doing echo-cancelling against the high-powered wideband loudspeaker shows the complication in its algorithm. 


    Other features include Auto Exposure Control with White Balance, foldable clip design for hanging on top of a TV or fix it on  top of a tripod with its metallic mount, and native support for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex and Slack.

    Accutone Focus 1

    SKU: 0006
    • Video Conference Machine. What do you call a 4K Webcam that has face-tracking, 4-microphone pick-up, built-in speakerphone with echo-cancellation? The Accutone Focus 1. Designed for larger meetings and conference calls, all you need is one single device.

      Focus 1 uses digital pan-tilt based on AI face-tracking techonolgy. It fully supports Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and Slack.

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