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Accutone Focus 20
  • Accutone® is proud to introduce the Focus 20 Webcam, the true essential tool for work-from-home, virtual meetings and video conferencing. With superior QHD video quality from its 3.6 million pixel high-grade CMOS HD sensor, Focus 20 is the closest you get to physically being at a meeting. Be prepared during any extended social distancing, equip your business with Focus 20 today!


    Enjoy super crisp video images with its unique fixed-focus camera to ensure constant image-stability during meetings. Focus 20's wide angle precision lens offer superb accuracy in skin-tones, while maintain vibrant brightness and low light contrasts from AEC (Auto Exposure Control). 


    Combined with the built-in High-Fidelity Microphone, Focus 20 is all you'll need for video-precision, color-accuracy and audio-clarity. It is 100% plug-and-play without the need to install any driver or software for all operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and most Linux.

    Accutone Focus 20

    SKU: 0003
    • Almost in-Person. Second only to face-to-face meetings, Focus 20 is the closest you can get without physically being there. Supporting 2K QHD video resolution at true 1440P, this is for those who are serious about their webcams. Designed to support Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and Slack, Focus 20 comes with crystal clear in-built microphone.

      Focus 20 has the unique design of slidable camera lens cover, so you are 100% sure your privacy is taken care of.

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