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Accutone Focus 500
  • The proper tools can make all the difference for streamers just getting started. The Focus 500 is the perfect webcam for live-streaming games, interviews or online classes. With its Strem-Grade quality, Focus 500 offers pristine HD quality video at true 1080P resolution and 30 frames per second.


    Since the streamer as a subject rarely moves around, Focus 500 comes with a unique design, Manual Focus Lens, a feature to avoid unwarranted blurring from auto-focus. Compact in size, Focus 500 is a convenient upgrade to your notebook camera and perfect for travel streaming, alongside your smartphone.


    Inbuilt with an omni-directional microphone, this webcam also works well with desktop computers that does not have an external microphone available. Moreover, the foldable clip of the Focus 500 comes with a tripod mount so user can fit it firmly on a stand. 

    Accutone Focus 500

    SKU: 0022
    • Always Staying Sharp. Equipped yourself with HD picture and quality during your daily stream. Designed specially for platforms including Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Instagramm Focus 500 comes with inbuilt microphone and manual camera focus to guarantee pristine video sharpness. Focus 500 is 100% driver-free plug-and-play, with foldable clip and tripod mount.

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