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Accutone Focus 60
  • Accutone® is introducing our next generation business webcam. The Focus 60 has upgraded almost every element in its design. From appearance, video resolution, higher frame rates, active noise-cancellation to face-tracking, face-zooming, hand-gesture control done realtime via artificial intelligence, there are simply too many features to mention. 


    Focus 60 is perfect for the most detailed business meetings with its superb 2K QHD 1440P resolution or ultra-smooth 60 frames-per-second video capture. Audio-wise, it is also designed to be a cut above the market alternatives, with its dual-microphone Active Noise Cancellation, it also offers stereo microphone pickup.


    Focus 60 is part of the AI-Grade webcams from Accutone, and this means that it comes with features powered by the latest artifical intelligence. Designed for small group video conference, as well as single personal-use, the camera will track the face of the person speaking, and zoom in or out depending on the number of person inside the camera space. 


    Another unique AI feature is hand-gesture control. Simply use you hand to mimic various predetermined gesture and Focus 60 will turn on, turn on or manual zoom in/out using it amazing inbuilt logic.


    Other powerful features include the sharp-looking LED light-right for illumination and status-indication. Anti-distortion video streaming to remove any fish-eye effect so the edges of the screen are not bent or become disproportioned. In addition, Focus 60 comes with detachable cable via USB Type-C jack so damage to the cable can be easily replaced. Multiple adjustment hinges and 360° horizontally rotatble cable, paired with foldable design and designated tripod mount makes this webcam the most versatile design, suitable for every situation and needs.

    Accutone Focus 60

    SKU: F60
    • Next Generation Webcam. Improvements in almost every aspect of a standard business webcam, Focus 60 is the perfect virtual meeting tools for small-group as well as single user. Unlike meeting-room webcam which is powerful but can be too bulky, Focus 60 is a compact design with many of the same functionality. Starting with AI-based digital face-tracking/zooming, it also comes with AI-based hand-gesture controls. 

      Visually, it highlights ultra-smooth video with 60 frames-per-second capture or precision-sharpness 2K 1440P QHD resolution. On top of that, Focus 60 is the only webcam from Accutone to offer Anti-Distortion to avoid "Fisheye" effect near the edges, to ensure realistic proportions throughout the entire video capture area. 

      In terms of audio, Focus 60 has excellent Active Noise Cancelling via it's dual-microphone audio pickup.

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