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Accutone Sonar 210
  • The Sonar Series from Accutone® is all about wireless connectivity. Bluetooth headset is simple to use and natively support smartphones, tablets and most notebook computers. This is precisely the reason for the explosive growth the wireless headset adaptation in the business sector. Understanding the need for different levels of product, the newest Sonar 210 offers a tough and durable bluetooth headset targeting the mass commercial market. 


    This market, however, is ultra demanding on durability and Sonar 210 is designed to thrive in such conditions. Built to be able to withstand rough usage, the headset body is thick and strong, almost unbreakable. It is no surprise that many general office users are switching from USB headset to bluetooth headset, similar to a model design as Sonar 210. 


    A popular feature previously only offered by premium products, Sonar 210 now also supports MicArmMuteTM - digital microphone mute when a user flips the microphone arm upwards. Microphone mute for 210 if accompanied by an audio prompt, so users are always aware that the headset has been muted.

    Sonar 210 users bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C for quick charging. It also comes with Multi-Pairing, so the headset can be simultaneously paired with more than one devices, and thus able to quickly switch between them. 

    Accutone Sonar 210

    SKU: 0019
    • Unbreakable body, connection. Be it structural strength or connectivity strength, Sonar 210 is the optimal choice for wireless work. With bluetooth multi-pairing, connect it with both your notebook and smartphone to enjoy seamless transitions. MicArmMute™, a feature showcased in higher-end models is also offered in Sonar 210, so user can easily mute a call by rotating the microphone boom arm to point upward.

      Sonar 210 uses bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C for quick charging.

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