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Accutone Sonar 310 Mark II
  • The best-selling and most versatile business headset from Accutone®  just got a whole lot better. Mark II of the 310 Series is now wireless, using the latest bluetooth technology. At approximately 55 grams, Sonar 310 Mark II continues the series’ tradition of comfort and lightweight, with features like leatherette headband, high-grade foam cushion, 310 is designed for extensive professional usage. 


    Compatible with your smartphone, tablet and notebook, the Mark II is one headset for multiple wireless connections. A full charge will last you 8 hours continuous talk-time, but recharging is fairly quick and convenient via micro-USB jack. Simple digital controls allows interactive volume adjustments, answer/end calls and Siri activation when using any iOS devices. 


    Different from most bluetooth headsets in the market, Sonar 310 Mark II is 100% professional grade, despite it being wireless. Using a proprietary Voice-Enhancing 28mm loudspeaker and a premium-grade passive Noise-Cancelling microphone in a uniquely designed single chamber microphone housing, the acoustics meets the strictly requirements of call centers. Other features, typical of Accutone’s standards, includes extendable headband, bendable and rotatable microphone boom, comfortable headrest and optional leatherette cushion.

    Accutone Sonar 310 Mark II

    SKU: 0017
    • Sonar 310 Mark II is a professional-grade bluetooth headset for business users. With industrial-level noise-cancelling microphone, Mark II is designed for communication via smartphones, tablets and computers with bluetooth connectivity. 

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