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Accutone Sonar 60
  • Many products claim this, but rarely is it as true as the brand new Sonar 60 dual-mode wireless headset from Accutone®. First of all, it highlights the reliable and comprehensive bluetooth solution from Qualcomm. It serves both as a wireless headset as well as a full-function wired USB headset, 100% driver-free and operational during headset charging. Comes equipped with two microphones, Sonar 60 offers Active Noise Cancellation using dual-mic CVC by Qualcomm. 


    Sonar 60 also comes with Accutone’s MicArmMute™ technology, so user can quickly mute the headset microphone by swivelling the mic boom upwards. Compatible and designed for Microsoft Teams, Sonar 60 has full functionality including native microphone mute, app launching function and a dedicated hook switch to quickly answer or end calls. That’s not all, Sonar 60 further supports Multi-point Pairing, so it can switched between two or more devices quickly if previously paired. 


    Mono or Stereo versions of Sonar 60 are equally comfortable and lightweight, designed for extensive usage. With 14 hours of continual usage, this is the perfect business headset for executives and professionals alike. As an optional model, Sonar 60 can come with its own UAC bluetooth dongle, offering better security, easier connectivity, higher reliability and interactive control to MS Teams on your desktop or notebook computers.

    Accutone Sonar 60

    • Everything You Want.Sonar 60 has every features you want in a business wireless headset. It is elegant, lightweight and comfortable. It has dual mode - connecting both as USB wired headset and as bluetooth wireless headset. It uses dual-microphone for Active Noise Cancelling voice transmission. It includes MicArmMute™, so swivelling the mic-arm upwards mutes the microphone. Furthermore, Sonar 60 has Multi-point pairing, superb audio performance and connection reliability using Qualcomm's bluetooth chipset.  


      But that's not all, Sonar 60 is a compatible device for Microsoft Teams, with full control and a dedicated hook switch for convenience and integration.

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