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Accutone Sonar 75
  • The brand new Sonar 75 from Accutone® is the best Active Noise Cancelling wireless headset for business applications. Using two microphones to offset background noise by DSP algorithm, the headset allows clear communication in the noisiest environments.


    Elegantly designed with a strong built, Sonar 75 is designed for professional office use. A hook-switch supporting Microsoft Teams means that user can answer/end Teams call by click the MFB switch on the headset. The LED ring turns to solid purple during call indicating a "busy light" so colleagues know that you are on a call. Furthermore, its fit and comfort allow users extended usage during office hours on video conference and voice calls, both very common in the new era of virtual business meetings.


    In terms of business usage, Sonar 75 offers ultra-quick bluetooth pairing and reconnection, as well as stable and long range connectivity. Using a pair of wideband 40mm loudspeakers and highly-sensitive -38dB omni-directional microphone, it is the perfect productivity tool for corporation, offices as well as business on-the-go. Sonar 75 further comes with a unique feature in the form of MicArmMute™, which digitally mutes the microphone when a user flips the microphone arm upwards, an audio prompt will help user aware of the mute status.


    Sonar 75 is also a Dual-Audio headset, allowing both wireless and wired connectivity. Aside from bluetooth connection, user can also choose to connect via 3.5mm audio cable for battery-free audio usage.

    Accutone Sonar 75

    SKU: S75
    • Clarity in Chaos. Even in the noisiest environments, with people shouting next to you, you can still speak calmly and lightly, while the person on the other end will hear every single word you've spoken. Sonar 75 is able to do this with 2 microphones Active Noise Cancellation using Qualcomm's latestly CVC technology. Together with Accutone's unique design of MicArmMute, which allows user to mute the microphone by rotating it upwards, Sonar 75 is the perfect wireless headset for the most demanding professionals and executives.


      Sonar 75 supports MS Teams hook switch natively, for Bluetooth 4.2 or above. It also comes with automatic/manual busy light to alert others during calls.

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