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Accutone Sonar 85
  • Everything you can hope for in a business wireless headset, you will find them in Sonar 85, the premium bluetooth headset from Accutone. Understanding that noise management is the most important feature when designing a business headset, Sonar 85 is the only headset in the market to offer Fusion™ ANC + ENC technology. 


    Sonar 85 have multiple microphones dedicated to noise pick-up in the environment. Via Fusion NC, it uses proprietary AI algorithm to offset background noise in the sound playback through the loudspeaker for powerful Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). At the same time, these signals from the environments are being used to offset the noise transmitted through the microphone as well, hence Environemntal Noise Cancelling (ENC) occurs. 


    The outcome is amazing. Users can listen to voice calls or playback without any background noise, and their speech is being transmitted cleanly without any noise disruption. 


    Sonar 85 also offer True Dual Mode, with its USB-C connector not only used for charging, but when connected to USB port of desktop, notebooks, tablet or smartphone, it can be used as a premium USB headset. Users no longer have to worry about dropping calls due to low battery after extended conversations.


    Other features of Sonar 85 includes Multi-Point pairing for connecting to more than one device at a time; Microsoft Teams hook switch for answering and ending calls from the headset; aptX™ HD codec for 24-bit high resolution audio over Bluetooth...etc. 

    Accutone Sonar 85

    SKU: S85
    • All Encompassing. Sonar 85 is the top model for Accutone's business wireless headset series. It has all the features you need in one single headset. The only model in the market to come with Fusion™ noise-cancelling technology, using multiple microphones to actively cancel out background noise for BOTH microphone and speakers. Built from the advanced and reliable bluetooth chipset solution of Qualcomm, Sonar 85 has dual mode, supporting both wireless and wired USB connection. Capable of Multi-Point pairing, it can be paired and connect to more than one device at a time.

      Sonar 85 supports Microsoft Teams hook switch natively, for all Bluetooth devices 4.2 or above. It also comes with aptX HD codec for enhanced 24-bit high resolution music quality over Bluetooth.

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