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AU8250 USB Adaptor

AU8250 is a 3.5mm to USB-A adator. Converting analog signals to digital devices allow a wide range of application for High-Fidelity headphones, earphones or even Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors. 


Pin-alignment set to CTIA format, AU8250 comes with two LED indicators, volume controls, microphone mute and speaker mute.

AU8250 USB Adaptor

SKU: 0021
  • Simple to use, AU8250 helps convert your beloved analog headphones into digital connection. You can now use your Balanced-Armature In-Ear Monitor for HD digital audio mixing on your notebook. Connect any 3.5mm audio plug with CTIA configuration, and enjoy speaker output and microphone input.

    AU8250 comes with digital volume control, speaker mute and microphone mute.

    • 3.5mm to USB-A Adaptor
    • USB: Plug-and-Play Direct
    • Dimensions: 20mm x 70mm x 12mm
    • Weight: 19g
    • Basic Materials: ABS
    • Buttons: 4, Speaker Mute, Vol +, Vol -, Microphone Mute
    • Cable Length: 1.0m
    • Temperatue Range: -20°C to 60°C
    • Humidity Range: < 90% Relative Humidity
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