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M2 UAC Bluetooth Adapter
  • M2 UAC Bluetooth Adaptor is very different from a normal bluetooth USB dongle. Most bluetooth dongle requires driver installation, and its functionality is limited to that of a bluetooth transmitter. The operating system recognize the dongle and all connected devices as bluetooth devices.


    However, a UAC adaptor, when connected, is recognized as a USB device, hence require no installation and poses no security threat. Obviously, the UAC adaptor does connect wireless headset using bluetooth, but this pairing is more secure and stable.


    The key benefits of an UAC adaptor is its compliance with most large corporation's computer privacy policies. Moreover, connection to a bluetooth headset is also easy. Simply press the button on M2 and put the bluetooth headset into pairing mode, and they will be paired. Subsequently, M2 and the headset will remember each other, and you can use the bluetooth headset just like any USB headset, except wirelessly.

    M2 UAC Bluetooth Adapter

    • M2 is UAC Adaptor which connects to any bluetooth headset with the press of a button. Once they are paired, the two devices will be linked even if they are powered off and on again. When connected to any computer or digital devices, M2 will be recognized as a normal, standard USB headset!

      Secure, stable and convenient, M2 easily converts your bluetooth headset into a wireless USB headset.

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