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Converse 90

Converse 90

Ergonmic Business Headset Designed for
Zoom calls, Video Meetings and Virtual Classrooms.
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Work Safely, Swiftly.

Converse 90 is a mid-tier business headset designed with ergonomics in mind. Understanding the need for an increasing need of video conferencing, proper work safety is ever more important. This is why Converse 90 is a perfect combination of advanced acoustics and fitting comfort, the exact ingredients for success in the workplace. 

Converse 90 comes with Zoom call enabled features perfect for virtual meetings and classrooms


Dual-Tone Headband

Unique design of dual-tone

metallic headband gives extra

flexibility as well as an elegant

stylish look. 


Hexagon Structure
Converse 91 Both.1329.png

To ensure the strongest 

architecture, Converse 91 uses

the strongest geometric shape

or Hexagon as its body.


Ergonomic Curves

The soft curves of the headset

body is designed in a way to

reduce the clamp force exerted

on the user's head.