Invinit 6

Professional Wireless Noise-Cancelling
Headset with Dual Audio Mode.
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Invinit 6

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Best of Both Worlds.

Invinit 6 employs the latest bluetooth technology from Qualcomm, with the extra option for Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC). However wireless headsets do have its limit when your busy schedule demands it. This is why connecting Invinit 6 to its USB-C cable to your computer will turn it into an HD USB headset while charging. So there is zero downtime for your headset usage.

Invinit 6 also comes with always-on busy light, so your colleagues know when to talk to you.


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Premium Headband
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Soft and comfortable headband

made from high-grade leather-

ette, designed for usage under

extended period of time.


Powerful Speakers
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A pair of powerful 40mm ultra-

bass loudspeakers covered

by premium-grade leatherette

ear cushions.


Soft Rubber Headrest
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Monaural version of Invinit 6

comes with a soft-rubber head-

rest so users can comfortably

wear it all day.


Multiple Interfaces
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USB-C connector allows both 

charging and digital audio chat.

3.5mm audio port allows hifi

analog audio. 


Digital Button Controls
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The plus and minus buttons have

mutliple functions aside from

volume control, including 

next track and AVRCP functions.


LED Status Indicator
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Multi-colored LED Status 

Indicator signals different audio

modes, bluetooth pairing status,

battery status and busy light.



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  • Headset Type: Over-the-head, Mono/Stereo

  • Headband Length: 240mm (extends 25mm) 

  • Materials: ABS, Rubber, Resin

  • Boom Mic: Bendable, Rotatable 270° Boom

  • Headset Dimensions: 190mm x 180mm x 70mm (Stereo)

  • Headset Dimensions: 180mm x 160mm x 70mm (Mono)

  • Weight: 195g (Stereo), 110g (Mono)

  • Bluetooth Core: QCC3005 v.5.0

  • Bluetooth Profile: Multipoint, HFP (2), A2DP (2), AVRCP

  • Bluetooth Codec: mSBC, aptX

  • Microphone NC: Single Mic cVc 8.0

  • Speaker Size: Φ40mm

  • Sensitivity: 99±3 dB for 178mV@1k Hz

  • Speaker Impedance: 32Ω ±15%

  • Microphone Size: Φ4mm x 2mm(H)

  • Sensitivity: -42±3dBPa @1k Hz (ref: 0dB=1V/Pa)

  • Microphone Impedance: 2200Ω

  • Battery Size: 500mAH, 3.7V

  • Charging Time: 1h | Playtime: 20h | Standby Time: >200h

  • Device ID: INVINIT 6 | Passcode: 0000

  • 3.5mm Port: CTIA | Click Here for User Guide