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Converse 6

Flagship Headset Build for Heavy Duty Demands of 24/7 Communication.
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Converse 6



Not Suitable for Amateurs.

The highly popular 610 MK-II has been rebranded as Converse 6 Mark II. But make no mistakes, everything about the Mark II is just the same as before. It's ground-breaking toughness and durability, as well as its noise management ability, premium-level acoustics, makes the Converse 6 Mark II unbeatable as ever.

Converse 6 MK-II comes in a wide varitey, including standard USB, DeepOcean™ Pro-NC, Microsoft Teams UC, Analog RJ/Quick-Disconnect and legacy basic models.


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Top-Grade Leatherette

Converse 6 employs top-grade

leatherette with soft cushion 

for its headband, this ensure

comfort during extended calls.


Hexagon Structure

To ensure the strongest 

architecture, Converse 6 uses

the strongest geometric shape

or Hexagon as its body.


Bendable Boom

The microphone boom arm is

highly flexible, it can

be bended to fit every face

shape and sizes.


40mm Loudspeakers
610MKIIPlus_Duo_rendering NEW 2_edited.png

Large size wideband 

loudspeakers that is designed

for Hi Fidelity music as well 

as Voice Communication.


Soft Rubber Headrest

Minimalistic design of a single

piece headrest offers comfort,

lightweight and most importantly

extended durability.


Dual Mic for ProNC
610MKIIPlus_Duo_rendering NEW 2.853.png

DeepOcean technology using

dual microphone for Active

Noise Cancellation able to

reduce 30dB of noise.



Converse 6 MKII head.1342.png
  • Wear Style: Over-the-Head, Mono/Stereo

  • Headband Length: 210mm (extends 45mm)

  • Microphone Boom Rotation: ± 270°

  • Basic Materials: PC, ABS

  • Weight: 112g (Mono), 144g (Stereo)

  • Dimensions: 160mm(H) x 142mm(W) x 55mm(D) (Mono)

  • Dimensions: 160mm(H) x 155mm(W) x 55mm(D) (Stereo)

  • Speaker Dimensions: Φ40mm

  • Speaker Sensitivity: 96±3dB for 100mV@1k Hz

  • Speaker Impedance: 100Ω ±20%

  • Frequency Range: 150 to 8,000Hz

  • Microphone Dimensions: Φ4mm x 2mm(H)

  • Microphone Directivity: Cardioid (Noise Cancelling)

  • Microphone Sensitivity: -42±3dBFS @ 1kHz Sensitivity

  • Microphone Impedance: 2,200Ω

  • Microphone Response: 100 - 8000Hz

  • Noise Cancellation: DeepOcean ANC

  • Internal Microphone: Φ6mm x 2.7mm(H)

  • Internal Mic Sensitivity: -40±3dBPa @1k Hz

  • Cable Length: 1.8m

  • USB Solution: Accutone

  • USB Data Resolution: 16 bits | USB Sampling Rate: 48kHz


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