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Focus 1 4K.64.png

Focus 1

4K Video Conference Speakerphone with AI Face-Tracking Webcam.




Video Conference Machine.

What do you call a 4K Webcam that has face-tracking, 4-microphone pick-up, built-in speakerphone with echo-cancellation? The Accutone Focus 1. Designed for larger meetings and conference calls, all you need is one single device.

Focus 1 uses digital pan-tilt based on AI face-tracking techonolgy. It fully supports Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and Slack.


Focus 1 4K 3.75.png
QHD 4K 2160P Video
Focus 1 4K 3.78.png

Standard 1080P might not be 

enough for larger meetings or

discussion of details, Focus 1

comes with 4K video quality.


Focus 1 4K.64 SQ.png

Focus 1 comes with its own 

conference speakerphone. With

4-microphone and echo

cancellation, it's all you need.


AI Face Track On/Off
Focus 1 4K Open.png

Touch-sensitive switch to turn

on and off AI-driven digital

face-tracking using ePTX technology. 


LED Status Indicator
Focus 1 4K Closed.png

Online status LED-indicator is

an important feature for business

webcam, to ensure that privacy

has not been breached.


Tripod Mount
Focus 1 NEW D_edited.png

Focus 1's monitor clip comes

with a metallic tripod mount, so

it can placed in the conference room for larger meetings.


Foldable Clip