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Converse 220

Ultra-Lightweight Business Headset with
Noise Cancelling Microphone.
Accutone Converse 220 Stereo Headset

Converse 220


Simply Efficient.

Converse 220 gets the job done with ease. Wearing the lightest headset from Accutone makes work that much more enjoyable. Comes in USB digital version and standard RJ or QD (Quick Disconnect) telephone connector version, 220 is the most popular choice for general office applications. 

The combination of lightweight and highly permeably foam cushion, 220 is designed for extensive usage.


UM220 NEW.2529.png
Flexible Headband
UBUM220 BOTH.1314.png

Highly flexible lightweight

headband allows firm hold 

without weight and can be

extended to fit all head sizes.


Headset Strength
UBUM220 BOTH.1314.png

Strong and reliable headset

body capable of the daily

grind and abuse from office

work or call centers.


30mm Loudspeakers

Wideband loudspeakers 

designed for both music and

voice chat underneath high

permeable foam ear cushion.


Headrest Cushion
UBUM220 BOTH.1314.png

For the monaural model,

the headrest is equipped with

soft foam cushion, ensuring

comfort for single-side users.


Noise Cancellation
Bitmap in UB210 Box Resized CV17_edited.png

Passive noise-cancelling 

microphone is a bi-directional

reception designed to filter

out background noise.


Bendable Boom
UBUM210 Hero.1310.png

The microphone boom arm is

highly flexible, it can

be bended to fit every face

shape and sizes.



UB210_Headset Zoom.1316.png
  • Wear Style: Over-the-Head, Mono/Stereo

  • Microphone Boom Rotation: ± 300°

  • Basic Materials: ABS

  • Weight: 78g (Mono), 99g (Stereo)

  • Dimensions: 154mm(H) x 143mm(W) x 50mm(D)

  • Speaker Dimensions: Φ30mm

  • Speaker Sensitivity: 103 +/-3dB

  • Speaker Impedance: 32Ω per channel

  • Frequency Range: 20 to 20,000Hz

  • Microphone Directivity: Uni-Directional (Noise Cancelling)

  • Microphone Sensitivity: -28 ±3dBFS @ 1kHz Sensitivity

  • Microphone Response: 100 - 8000Hz, 16kHz 16-bit 1 Channel (USB) 

  • Noise Cancellation: Passive

  • Cable Length: 2.4m

  • Termination Plug: USB Type-A

  • USB Data Resolution: 16 bits

  • USB Sampling Rate: 48kHz


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